Survey and Design

China Railway Tunnel Survey & Design Institute Co., Ltd.: A large-scale survey and design enterprise with a business scope covering railway tunnels, highway tunnels, municipal utilities (road works, bridge engineering, urban tunneling engineering, rail transport engineering), water conservancy and hydroelectric power engineering, industrial and civil buildings, geotechnical and underground engineering survey & design, consulting, working drawing reviewing, construction supervising, etc.
   Engineering Survey Comprehensive Category A Level by Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China
   Engineering Design A Level by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China

Employees amount to more than 600, including 450 technical personnel in various professions with one academician of China Academy of Engineering (Consulter), one National Engineering Survey and Design Master, more than 160 national experts, specialists who enjoy special government allowances, professors and senior engineers. This institute consists of four comprehensive design institutes, two branch institutes (Investigating Institute and Surveying & Mapping Institute) and two holding subsidiary companies; establishes specialties such as: tunnels and underground engineering, lines, bridge, road base, running dispatching, station (car) field, architecture, plumbing, HVAC, machinery, communications signals, power, automatic control, cost, geology, geophysical exploration, drilling and survey, etc.; equipped with national top devices of computing, measurement, photocopying and printing, geophysical exploration and series of drilling, experimental and geotechnical investigation construction equipment.