Brief Introduction

On Oct. 5 1978, in order to build the tunnel under Yellow River, Ministry of Railway established Tunnel Engineering Bureau according to the approval of State Council. From then on, specialized construction company in the fields of tunnel and underground works appeared in China. In 2001, Tunnel Engineering Bureau was restructured into China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as CTG), the largest specialized company in the scope of underground works, which integrates design, construction, scientific research and manufacture into a single entity and is subordinated to China Railway Group Ltd., one of the Top 500 World Enterprises and Top 500 World Brands.
  CTG’s business lines are: special grade for general contracting railway engineering construction; grade I qualification for general contracting highway engineering construction; grade I qualification for general contracting municipal and public engineering; grade I qualification for general contracting housing architecture construction; grade I qualification for general contracting E/M installation works; grade I qualification for professional contracting tunneling works, bridge works, water diversion works and highway subgrade works, E/M installation works, ground foundation works; professional contracting urban rail communication works; professional A qualification for municipal engineering, highway engineering; professional A design qualification for railway engineering, comprehensive A qualification for engineering investigation; class A qualification for Surveying and Mapping; class A qualification for engineering consultation; scientific research, design and technical services ect.; CTG and all its subsidiaries have passed the accreditation of GB/T9001 Quality Management System, GB/T20041 Environment Management System and GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  CTG’s employees amount to 15000, including 7786 technical personnel in various professions, 5990 technical workers, 1 academician of China Academy of Engineering, 1 national outstanding technical personnel, 13 experts entitled to national special subsidies, 487 first-grade national registered architect. CTG’s registered capital amounts to RMB2.279 billion yuan, total asset amounts to RMB 25.056 billion yuan. CTG owns about 7969 sets of construction machinery with total power of 792,000KW. With 70 sets of TBMs(shields), it is the enterprise with the most shields and TBMs in China. CTG’s annual tunneling capacity amounts to more than 800km.
  CTG has accepted the responsibility and mission “Loyal to the country, Devote to the society”. Dayaoshan Tunnel of Hengguang Railway constructed by CTG, with total length of 14.295km, ranks No. 10 double-track railway tunnels in the world. The state-level engineering method of “boring in shallow depth”developed by CTG, was awarded the 1st Class Prize for National Construction Method. CTG is the first to apply Φ8.8m full-face tunnel boring machine (TBM) of open-type to the construction of 18.46km long  Qinling Tunnel, , which demonstrated that railway construction of China has stepped into a world level. CTG was approved to undertake R&D of shield machine listed in China’s 863 High-Tech Program and has manufactured compound shield machine in the brand of China Railway Engineering Corporation successfully. The completed underwater tunnels by CTG include Yellow River Tunnel of South-North Water Transfer Project, Wuhan Yangtze River Crossing Tunnel, Xiamen Xiang’an Undersea Tunnel, Shiziyang Tunnel on Guangshengang Dedicated Passenger Line, Qingdao Jiaozhouwan Tunnel etc. has pushed the tunneling works of China into a sea & river-crossing era.
  CTG has been adhereing to the strategy of thriving on technology and has been devoting herself to the research, development and application of new technology for tunnel and underground works, keeping in the leading position in international underground engineering field, especially in the construction of tunnels and underground works located in unfavorable geological conditions such as fractured zone, soft surrounding rock, expansion surrounding rock, gas bearing stratum, water inflow, karst cave, sand flow, loess etc.With superior workmanship and unique technology, CTG owns up to present 483- scientific achievements that has passed review, appraisement and acceptance of its scientific management body of various level, among which 18 reach international top level, 75 - reach international advanced level, 111 items reach national top level, 65 items reach national advanced level. It has won 10 National Scien&Tech. Progress Prizes (incl. one special class) and 169 Provincial & ministerial Scien&Tech. Progress Prizes, 88 national patents, 21 national-level and 104 ministerial-level construction methods and compiled 26 national and industrial standards.
  Under the enterprise principle of “perfection, reputation, excellence, creativeness”, CTG has been endeavoring to forge quality projects, and has won 15 Luban Prize, the highest prize for national architecture project, 19 Zhantianyou Civil Engineering Prize, 15 National High Quality Project, 221 items of Provincial or Ministerial-level High Quality Project. “National Key Laboratory of Shield and Tunneling Technology” and “China Civil Engineering Society and Academic Exchange Conference” are set up in CTG by Ministry of Science and Technology and China Civil Engineering Society respectively. CTG is accredted as high and new technology enterprises as well.
  CTG is called as “trailbreaker” and “national team in the tunneling and underground works” by state leaders, and honored as “National User-friendly Construction Enterprise”, “National Excellent Construction Enterprise”, “China Excellent Enterprise”, “Good Faith Unit of China”, “National May Labor Diploma”; it also ranks in top ten cultural competitiveness enterprise of China. Aiming to the goal of “national-top, world-famous”, CTG is forging the famous brand of “China Railway Tunnel Group” by upgrading enterprise quality and development capacity.